Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010.

Okayy, WEll. I have decided to start blogging. lol. Well, Heres how my day wentt.

First Periodd- We had a sub. and these girls were being so immature and yelling and crap; and me and my friend Deidra were yelling to shut up but no they cant listenn. and i wore my jogging pants over my school pants. lol

Second period- Today was the last day in the you are unique program. lol. and she was talking abou tthe kinds of sex and asking us to name and braxton "accidently" said mouth to vagina., it was so funny! everyone started laughing even the lady. ohh, and we got these wrist bands and the girls say imm worth waiting for and the guys say a mans strength is in his charcterr. The Boys ones are gayy!

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