Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20 , 2010

April 20 , 2010

1st period - Well , we had to read this book . Then when we got done we had to do this paper thing . I got done & was Tired . So I went to Sleep .lol.

2nd period - Guys! Ughh. They talk about the nastyest things! Ha . I did my papers and went to sleep! lol. Ryan Hagaman started poking me with his pencil with I did . Ugh , Guyss:P lol

3rd- We had a mean sub . I sat in the back with Regis . She Cried . She misses Christian . I dont blame her . I dont think her or Brandi should date him . Its stupid .

4th period - I sat && ate food with Haley Pryear . Lol.

Lunch - I found out that Demarcus is spreading rumors that we are datingg . WE ARE NOTT:P

5th Period- Nothing Really Happened. We got to listen to the radio .

6th period && 7th - All the new memebers had to practice for the NJHS ceremony tomorow .
It was boringggg!!!!

Welll, Thats it for noww<33

Love && Pantie-Hosee.


Love .

Okay , Well , My boyfriend , Jordan Taylor said this was his song about me !

I love it so much! He always "dedicates songs to me but this is the sweetest!<33

It is called Suffocate by J.Holiday<3>

It says :I cant breathe when you talk to me . I cant breathe when your touching me .; I suffocate when your away from me . ; Dont ever leave me girl , i need you in my world . ; So much love you take from me .

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010.

Okayy, WEll. I have decided to start blogging. lol. Well, Heres how my day wentt.

First Periodd- We had a sub. and these girls were being so immature and yelling and crap; and me and my friend Deidra were yelling to shut up but no they cant listenn. and i wore my jogging pants over my school pants. lol

Second period- Today was the last day in the you are unique program. lol. and she was talking abou tthe kinds of sex and asking us to name and braxton "accidently" said mouth to vagina., it was so funny! everyone started laughing even the lady. ohh, and we got these wrist bands and the girls say imm worth waiting for and the guys say a mans strength is in his charcterr. The Boys ones are gayy!