Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20 , 2010

April 20 , 2010

1st period - Well , we had to read this book . Then when we got done we had to do this paper thing . I got done & was Tired . So I went to Sleep .lol.

2nd period - Guys! Ughh. They talk about the nastyest things! Ha . I did my papers and went to sleep! lol. Ryan Hagaman started poking me with his pencil with I did . Ugh , Guyss:P lol

3rd- We had a mean sub . I sat in the back with Regis . She Cried . She misses Christian . I dont blame her . I dont think her or Brandi should date him . Its stupid .

4th period - I sat && ate food with Haley Pryear . Lol.

Lunch - I found out that Demarcus is spreading rumors that we are datingg . WE ARE NOTT:P

5th Period- Nothing Really Happened. We got to listen to the radio .

6th period && 7th - All the new memebers had to practice for the NJHS ceremony tomorow .
It was boringggg!!!!

Welll, Thats it for noww<33

Love && Pantie-Hosee.


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